Everless Playlist

 Dear God – Lawless – This song, in my mind, reflects Jules’ general anger and resentment about her deeply unfair world.

Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling – At the beginning, Jules feels sort of helpless and frozen, like she’s waiting for something to break her out of what seems like a hopeless life.

Dangerous – David Guetta – To me, this brings to life the moment when Jules decides to go to Everless over her father’s objections–she knows it’s dangerous and maybe wrong, but she’s going to do it anyway.

Immortals – Fall Out Boy – To me, this song reflects the decadent recklessness of Everless and the Gerlings. “We could be immortals…just not for long.”

Mockingbird – Eminem – A sweet, sad song about the bond between a father and daughter and the fear of not being able to provide.

Iron – Woodkid – This represents how Jules feels after her dad dies: going through hell, but barreling on because she has nothing left to lose.

Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys – This song just feels bad, in a great way. When you have a guilty crush on someone who you know you shouldn’t and worse, it appears they feel the same way. See: Jules and Roan.

Deep End – Ruelle – This song evokes the feeling of being over your head in a game you don’t understand, like Jules when she starts to uncover Everless’s tangle of secrets.

Save Me – Moxi – Another amazing song for when everything is falling apart and you don’t know who to trust.

Warriors – Imagine Dragons – This conveys the feeling of finally being called to your purpose – something Jules has desperately been seeking. This song makes me feel ready for BATTLE.

Can’t Sleep Can’t Breathe – Digital Daggers – Here, the feeling of being mortal enemies with someone you used to love. Bitterness and dread.

 We Have It All by Pim Stones – The feeling when you’ve made a mistake and lost everything because of it.

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